Lumia, Asha Have Serious Advantages over iPhone, Android

The recently released Nokia smartphones are already rumoured to put up a good fight with the rival handsets. On a market that seems divided between Apple’s iPhones with the new leader iPhone 4S and Android smartphones led by the star Samsung Galaxy SII, Nokia Lumia and Asha running on Windows operating system will face a strong opposition. However, reviewers already point out some of the main weapons the two Nokia smartphones have in their arsenal.

The alliance with Microsoft, rumoured since early this year, could prove to be one of the main advantages. Users are already familiar with Windows operating system and Microsoft followers will be happy to have a smartphone from their favourite brand. In addition, Microsoft is about to release in the near future the most versatile OS so far, Windows 8.

If hardware and software are not the main criteria in choosing a smartphone to show off, Nokia Lumia delivers sleek designs and vivid colours. The Lumia appearance is certainly eye candy and is expected to seduce many users. In addition, the round shapes and the slim unibody concept hint to a smartphone for the future. Nokia Asha range is also sleek and appealing but with a more friendly price tag, targeting the entry-level users.

Users have additional reasons to join the Nokia Lumia fan club, as for instance the huge free storage space of 25GB, accessible with Windows Live Sky Drive.

Under the circumstances Nokia hopes that interested users will not pay attention to the drawbacks as the lack of frontal camera, which make impossible video communication or the significantly smaller number of apps, compared to iOS or Android.

3 thoughts on “Lumia, Asha Have Serious Advantages over iPhone, Android”

  1. Sure, pretty phones but time will show what market share they will gain.
    I don’t think that the named features are enough to catch up with Android and iPhone. Both have more developers and more apps available. And when it comes to business suitability (productivity, security, control etc.) Blackberries are still first choice.

    1. Not for long. Lumia is squashing the blackberries. Has already took over in third place. Next stop is apple. Couple years will leave apple bitten to the core, android will be on a slippery slope.
      One thing is getting to the top, the hard thing is staying there, I’ve already noticed a change in shops. Advertising. Windows will be big if Microsoft do it right. And the best thing they can do is change surface to Lumia

  2. The Nokia + Microsoft alliance is lethal for the rest of the marker. iPhone and Android may survive but the smaller players in Mobile OS will see the real heat (hint: RIM Blackberry, Samsung Bada etc)

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