Latest Xbox One Software Update Brings Fixes to Party Chat, USB HD Video Streaming

The November software update has already been already rolled out to Xbox One users, but it seems that Microsoft has some more ironing to do behind the curtains. Some recent updates have been made available to preview members, and they bring some nice improvements and fixes.

As it turns out, the most recent firmware update for the Xbox One that was released to preview members contains much-needed Party Chat improvements. Here’s how the official changelog sounds like:

We’ve made some improvements to Party Chat, and we’d love to get your feedback. Please check out the new Quests titled “Pack the Party” and “A Party For Two” to give us your feedback, as well as report any issues encountered with Parties using the Feedback app.

Feedback options include new Party Chat Quests and the “Pack the Party” Quest. Also, by taking the SmartGlass Survey, users can earn some preview points. Prior to this, the Xbox team released another update that comes with fixes for USB HD Video Streaming and Store and Snap.

xbox one software update

Some Xbox One users have reported situations where streaming HD videos from USB would cause the video to stop playback. Now this has been allegedly taken care off and you shouldn’t experience anymore problems.

The Store and Snap fix concerns users who noticed that the when browsing the new Store experience with an app in Snap, the screen wouldn’t properly resize.

However, these updates are currently available just fro preview members, but judging by the fact that they bring needed fixes for a good deal of Xbox One owners, then it’s expected for the update to be globally released in the near future.

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