Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Ranking and Leaks

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is a hyped game and fans are highly anticipating the release of the game for a while now. However, waiting for so long without any new additional information can get quite boring and fans of the KH3 franchise have gotten quite bored of waiting. The main problem is that its release date keeps on getting delayed and delayed and it’s only logical that people are becoming less enthusiastic. The only region that is still hyped up about Kingdom Hearts 3 is Japan, the region that is always the first to receive the game.

Is it worth the wait?

What annoys fans most is not only the waiting part but rather the amount of information Square Enix and Disney are providing. The two producing companies are keeping their mouths shut and not unveiling anything new. The only information we have is that Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue will be launched worldwide on the date of January 12 2017. The only thing Square Enix stated is that Kingdom Hearts 3 is still in the development phase and that’s it, no word of when it will be finally launched and because of the small amount of information they are releasing fans might lose their interest completely until they finally decide to launch the game.

KH3 Popularity in Japan

Even though the game is losing a large amount of fans, the game is still fairly popular in Japan. The creators of the Famitsu chart, which is a game popularity chart, found out that the Kingdom Hearts 3 franchise is still loved in Japan. The game actually came out on the fifth place and even if that’s not a very good place to get in a contest, Square Enix seemed to be happy with what they are seeing since they didn’t make any changes to their marketing campaign department.

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