Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Getting Closer with Stunning Gameplay Update


Fans of the franchise are highly anticipating the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 and because of that the game is believed to be one of the most hyped games up of all time. Even though fans are enthusiastic about the upcoming installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Square Enix and Disney are keeping their mouths shut and not revealing any additional information to give fans an idea of what to expect. Square Enix, the game developer isn’t providing any additional information regarding the game’s story line or release date, and this is leading to fans losing interest. Fans were expecting Square Enix to release additional information about KH3 during the E3 2016 event, but Square Enix disappointed them and instead chose to talk about Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue.

Even if it looks like the Kingdom Hearts franchise is losing some of its fans, a game popularity chart from Japan proves the otherwise. Famitsu’s “Top 20 most wanted games in Japan” ranks KH3 in the 7th place, which is not such a bad place to be in since it surpasses the likes of “Legend of Zelda: Breath Of Wind” and “Resident Evil 7”. The first two places in the report were occupied by “Pokemon Sun and Moon” and “Final Fantasy XV”. The reason why “Final Fantasy XV” is ranked as the top most wanted game in Japan is because it will be launched during this week, and also because the developers behind the game always release the Japanese version first.

Square Enix will release the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Prologue on January 12th, 2017 and fans already figured what out the main plot will be just by paying attention to the trailer. The KH 2.8 Final Prologue story line will consist of Sora and his friends trying to defeat Master Xenahort and this will lead in another Keyblade war.

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