iPhone, iPad Pinterest App Get New Look and Speed Improvements

Pinterest is a social network of pictures, where users can discover and group images as they want. Naturally, many of them are iPhone and iPad users who use the app on their devices.

Now, the app has received an important update that improves its design and also tweaks the speed at which it operates. Pinterest has updated its iPhone and iPad apps to version 4.0,  deploying a great looking design with simpler navigation which looks to give information about your pins and more space on your display.

The option to search and add a new Pin will now be displayed at the top of your profile on your iPhone and iPad. This update also improves the start up times of the app. However, only the iPhone app will get these new features, and they will then be rolled out to iPad users and Android, as well. Pinterest said the following on its official blog about this update:

We de-cluttered and simplified navigation so it’s easier to get around the app. The new, cleaner design also lets you focus more on your Pins. Next time you see a product, place or article Pin, take a look close up—the Pin’s info and image have much more room on the screen to shine.

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However, there are many users who complain about the new aspect and they don’t really like it:

I use Pinterest like a mad woman… I am the epiphany of a Pinterestaholic.. It is THE Holy Grail… So as you know, I like to be on Pinterest but..the newest update makes PINTEREST look so plain and bland, and it’s far from plain and bland. The older version looked much better and had more character PLUS When I view cute Tumblr posts in the humour section, I can’t read all of them.. Why you ask? Because all is see is Pin It, Pin It, Pin It.. If I wanted to Pin It.. I would. Pinterest should really remove the Pin It out of the corner of the individual pictures, it’s quite annoying. Instead, change the option to just press and hold the picture to Pin It or something where a big red block doesn’t interrupt the photos and prevent me from knowing if I want to Pin something to my sh&@’s and giggles board. Thank you, that is all.

What has been your experience so far with this version?

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