iPad Pro 2017 Update with the 10.9-inch Version Improvements

iPad Pro 2017

Apple’s iPad Pro line has seen some new additions this past couple of years and everyone is expecting Apple to release a new iOS powered tablet during 2017. Supposedly the new 2017 iPad Pros are going to come in three different models including the 10.9 inch variant.

The 12.9 inch and 9.7 inch versions of iPad Pro have already been showcased by Apple, but they did not confirm anything regarding the new 10.9 inch variant. The reason why the 10.9 inch iPad Pro is surrounded by so much hype is because it’s the first time Apple introduces a tablet of this size, and this size might mean that Apple is going to implement edge to edge design. This means that chassis borders are going to disappear, and the iPad Pro will sport a new and sleeker look.

The 9.7 inch variant of iPad Pro is going to be designed for smaller budgets and it will be priced at a lower cost than its other variants. The 10.9 inch variant is going to be Apple’s flagship tablet and will be priced with mid range budgets in mind, making it both affordable and technologically advanced, while the 12.9 inch variant is going to the premium version.

Apple has been rumored to work on a new 10 inch tablet for a while now, and with the upcoming release of iPad Pro in 2017 it seems like the best time for them to unveil the new tablet variant.

The premium version of the device is going to sport True Tone display. This new feature includes four channel ambient light sensors that are going to come in quite handy when watching media content. The picture quality will be highly improved with the addition of True Tone.

Reports are pointing out that the new tablet line ships with quad microphones, 12MP iSight rear camera and the 3.5 mm headphone jack will be removed, as this is the trend with new Apple devices.

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