iPad Pro 2 Launch Date – What We Know So Far

One year has passed since Apple launched their 12.9 inch tablet and we are still waiting for Apple to confirm the launch date for the iPad Pro 2. Tech experts have been reporting that Apple’s new tablet is only months away from being launched.

Launch Date

The most opportune time for Apple to unveil their new tablet was in October, but Apple chose to release their new MacBook instead. Speculations are pointing out the fact that it might be too late now for the tablet to be launched during 2016, and we can expect it to drop around March 2017. There are some rumors saying that Apple is going to release the tablet in two variants, the 10.5 inch variant and the more affordable 9.7 inch one.

Model Name

Apple is not keeping their tradition of naming each different version of a product differently, instead of naming the new tablet the iPad Pro 2 they are going to simply name it the iPad Pro. They made the same decision with the iPad Pro versions.

Apple Pencil

One of the selling points in the iPad Pro series is the Apple Pencil. The device is a pressure sensitive pen that the user can use to take notes or to draw on the tablet. New feature might be implemented in the new iPad pro, and users might be able to send hand written emails, or even draw on web pages. A feature that was inspired from what Microsoft has done with their own pen.


Apple is supposedly going to upgrade the tablet’s camera department and equip it with a 12MP primary camera and a 5MP secondary one. The display is going to see some improvements as well, receiving the True Tone feature.

Apple has just introduced the A10 Fusion processor in their iPhone 7 line of devices, and they are expected to install it in the iPad Pro as well. The processor is going to be a great addition to the tablet, it will improve its performance and at the same time its battery life.

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