iPad Mini 5 2017 Features and Launch Date

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Apple is surrounded by rumors that point out the fact that Apple is trying to replace their iPad Pro line of products, and change iPad Mini 5’s name to the 7.9-inch iPad Pro, that is going to be launched by Apple in the first quarter of 2017.

The re branding of iPad Mini

There have been many different speculations regarding what name Apple should choose, either the 7.9-inch iPad Pro or iPad Pro Mini 5. Since the device is set out to launch in March 2017, Apple fans have already submitted feature requests to Apple. Some of the features that Apple fans wish to see implemented to the new iPad Mini 5 are features such as pressure sensitive screens that have 3D Touch to resemble the features iPhone 6S sports.

iPad Mini 2017 features

The ongoing trend with Apple new products right now is the removal of the headphone jack, a trend that started with iPhone 7. If Apple removes the headphone jack from their iPad Mini 5, it will allow them to give the device a slimmer look.

Since previous iPad Mini’s have had problems with their battery life, among the features requested by fans the improved battery capacity kept reoccurring. Apple are also expected to add to their iPad Mini 5 the ability to fast charge.

iPad Mini Launch Date

Apple was expected to talk about the release date of the upcoming iPad Mini 5 at their events that took place in September and October, but Apple did not confirm anything. Ming-Chi Kou, a reliable source and a data analyst has stated that the new iPad Mini 5 is going to be launched on the market in March 2017.

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