iOS 8.1.1 Release is Imminent, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S to Get Performance Improvements

Summary – iOS 8.1.1 release will be soon available for download. The biggest highlight is that it brings serious improvements for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S owners.

Millions of iPhone, iPod and iPad users from all over the world are following closely all the newest versions to iOS 8. The upcoming one, iOS 8.1.1, has been said to get released anytime now before the 21st November.

The information comes from a Canadian Apple employee who said the following on Reddit:

Just got back from work and we were told in a meeting today that a public update to 8.1.1 will be distributed within this week. Just a heads up to us Apple Associates for common troubleshooting scenarios we might come across from our customers. I advise you to update to 8.1 now as the window looks to be closing very very soon.

He then updates his posting, saying that according to new information from a large work group email over at Apple, we should expect iOS 8.1.1 to be released anytime from the 12th to 21st November.

The biggest change with the new iOS 8 version, however, will consist in the fact that Apple will close the loophole that makes the iOS 8 jailbreak possible with the iOS 8.1.1 beta. Of course, hackers will then release a new version and so on – it’s like a game of cat and mouse.

ios 8.1.1 download

The official performance improvements of iOS 8.1.1 release contain bug fixes, increased stability especially for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S devices. So, if you still have an iPad 2 or iPhone 4S around but you’re thinking of selling it, wait for iOS 8.1.1 to get released, try it, and then decide.

If you’re interested, you can see on Apple’s website the entire changelog with the new features. Apple has stopped signing the iOS 8.1.1 beta, which is another proof that a new release is imminent, but it is still available for download on the iOS Developer’s portal.

I don’t own an iPad 2 or an iPhone 4S, but I’d be really curious to hear from an owner after he installs iOS 8.1.1 on it. If it makes the iDevices feel and behave different, then I think it’s a really nice gift from Apple.

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