HTC Vive Headsets Updated with with Enhanced Features and Graphics


The HTC Vive has been on retailers shelves for almost half a year already and they had great success. Even though it has only been just half a year, HTC is already planning to release a new upgraded model of HTC Vive on the market.

Rikard Steiber, SVP of the Virtual Reality department of HTC has stated in an interview that HTC are planning on releasing a new line of Vive virtual reality headsets, that are going to have improved hardware.

The main reason behind this decision is so HTC can bring arcade style peripherals to their VR headsets to make the game experience feel even better. Especially since VR games and arcade games are all the rage in China and Taiwan, HTC wants to combine these two aspects and increase the HTC Vive’s popularity and sales.

HTC spokesperson did not want to disclose to many details surrounding the upgrades that HTC are going to add to their VR headset, he just said that we should think about the new model as an evolved version of it.

The VR headset has managed to bring huge profits to HTC. The company did not want to show their sale reports but a HTC executive said that they managed to sell 140 thousand of headsets in only a month. One of the reasons HTC Vive has brought so many sells was because it was available for pre-order a long time before it was released. The HTC Vive was released in April of 2016 before months of pre-orders.

The only competition HTC Vive has is the PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift, but there are no rumors to give us hope that they will also release a new next generation VR headset. If they do decide to release upgraded VR headsets as well, that means that customers will have more option from which to choose, and because of the competition their prices will also have to drop.

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