HTC Vive 2 Latest Release Date Leaks


Virtual reality headsets are all the rage right now among gamers. This new trend has started when Oculus Rift first launched their VR headset, and then HTC followed with its own HTC Vive, but now the VR headset market is getting crowded since Sony has launched their PlayStation VR and Samsung has launched their own Sasmung VR. As the market is getting more competitive VR headsets producers have to be innovative to be able to stay on top. Rumors are that HTC is going to release a new and innovative HTC Vive 2.

Considering the success that the HTC Vive headset had during this year, there is no reason for HTC not to release a second and upgraded version of the Vive headset. Supposedly HTC already has their tech departments working on developing a new model of the headset.

HTC Vive was launched during April 2016, so we can expect the upcoming model to be released during April as well. To have the same success they need to implement new technology to make the headset more appealing now that there are popular others on the market such as Sony’s PS VR.

Regarding the new features that HTC is going to implement in their headsets, HTC is reportedly working with a Bulgarian based company named Quark VR. What Quark VR does is that they are trying to innovate the way VR headsets work and make them wireless, because at the moment all VR headsets are linked with computers via HDMI cable.

HTC could also try to make their devices lighter and more comfortable because right now all headsets are considerably heavy, and the user cant keep them on for long times. The most important upgrade that HTC should implement into their new devices is higher quality graphics, but we might have to wait for that because 4K videos are not supported yet.

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