Google Maps coming soon to iOS 6 [Rumor]

Good news for those iPhone users who updated to iOS 6 and now have to live with the poor navigation solution which Apple provided with its new Maps app. A new report suggests that Google is preparing a new Maps app for the iPhone and it might soon it the iTunes App Store.

Since its launch in 2007 Google Maps had been the default maps and navigation app on the iPhone, however with iOS 6 Apple decided to replace it with its own solution. Many of us know that it didn’t go very well. Now a report on WSJ claims that Google is currently working on its Maps app for iOS 6 and they are working on its final bits before submitting it to the App Store for Apple’s approval.

Even Nokia recently submitted its own maps and navigation solution called ‘Here’ to the App Store, this will be available for free in a few weeks. The report also suggests that the new Google Maps app will features turn-by-turn navigation which was missing in the previous default versions.


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