Google Chrome Tricks and Tips to enhance your web browsing experience


The internet is a very busy place, and its activity never stops. Here we have compiled a few statistics so you can have an idea how many users are on the internet at any given minute. In one minute there are 2.4 million Google searches, 150 million emails are being sent and 2.78 million of videos are being watched on YouTube. All of that happens in just one minute, and from that statistic we can understand that every minute counts, and for that reason we have compiled a short list of shortcuts that are surely going to enhance your web browsing experience.

Copying URL’s

While surfing the internet it and changing websites every minute it can get a little hard to remember on what website you started on, and to do that you might have to check your entire browsing history, which is surely going to take up a whole lot of time.

In case you want to remember a site and come back to it another time, this can be easily done by remembering the site’s URL. Now you don’t have to actually remember the URL, you can copy and paste it in the device’s Notes or even send yourself an email with it.

Android users can copy website URL address without any effort, all they have to do is to tap and hold the address bar and the option to Copy URL is going to pop up.

Tab Closing

Android users have it easy regarding tab closing. If you want to close a web tab while using an Android powered device all you have to do is flick the tab from left to right or right to left and the tab will automatically be closed.


To use zoom on an website first of all you have to activate it from the Accessibility tab in the Settings menu of your device. The magnification gestures feature can come in handy with website that have text written in small font.

Incognito Mode

This mode can be used by users that do not want their browsing history tracked. The mode can be opened from the “More” button in Chromes user interface. Incognito mode can also be used only on one tab while other tabs are opened normally, and this can get in handy if you want to search for information on websites that you might not want to be seen accessing.

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