Gmail iOS Update Available with Unsend Button


Everyone has managed to mistakenly send a email, maybe it was incomplete or sent out to the wrong person. Google has taken note of the feedback its users are sending and they have implemented the “undo” button to its iOS app.

This feature is going to be added during the upcoming update. Gmail users will have five seconds to retract their sent email. This feature has already been spotted in the desktop version of Gmail. The only difference is that on the desktop version the user has 30 seconds before the undo option becomes unavailable.

Google stated that this is going to be the biggest app update in the latest four years. The app is going to receive a design overhaul, and sleeker transitions are going to be added alongside new features.

Google has uploaded a video on their official blog, giving a glimpse of how the app is going to look. The undo button is going to be placed in the bottom right corner of the app. But keep in mind that you will only have five seconds to tap on the button before it disappears.

The new update is going to bring feature such as quicker searches that give the user instant results and also spelling suggestions. Users are going to be able to delete their emails just by swiping over them. The Google Calendar is going to feature a week and month landscape view. Alternate calendars are going to be implemented as well (Lunar, Hindu, Islamic).

Google Flight is going to be implemented as well. The app is going to present routes and price changes for the user, so he can choose the best option when booking a flight. The feature is also going to provide the user with tips about what are the best rates and hotels in the region he is flying to. After the user picks a flight route, Google Flights will keep the user notified about the flight updates.

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