FIFA 17 with Ultimate Team Mode Available for Free This Weekend


Great news for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players, FIFA 17 will be free this weekend. EA has decided to give console players a preview of their game by making the game free to play starting November 24 and lasting up until November 27.

Console players will be able to play almost all games modes that FIFA 17 has during the weekend. The Ultimate Team mode will be one of the most wanted modes and in this one gamers have access to hundreds of the world’s top football players that they can choose from and create their dream team. Another game mode that players will be able to try out is the Career in which the player will take on the role of a football manager and then he can pick his favorite team and start managing it, playing games with it and even buying and selling players for the designated team.

The online mode will also be open for play, gamers can test out their skills against other FIFA 17 players, and last but not the least there is the game’s new story mode entitled The Journey, in which the player can step into Alex Hunter’s footsteps and play in the Premier League.

The reason why EA is making the game free this weekend is to increase the amount of sales they will have during Black Friday. The game has already sold millions of copies worldwide and it received fairly good reviews. So there shouldn’t be any reason for you to not try the game out, also in case you decide to play the game and end up liking it you will be able to buy the game for a 40% discount on both Xbox and PlayStation during the free weekend. Worth noting is that if you can play the game during the weekend and make saves, when you buy the game your saved career files will be there.

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