Facebook Messenger Instant Games Available for Free

Facebook Messenger Instant Games Available for Free

Facebook is bringing their Messenger app to another level by adding the Instant Games features. This new feature allows users to challenge their friends in classic games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man just by using Facebook’s Messenger app. The games will load instantly because they are built on the same HTML code used for mobile devices.

The addition of this new feature gives Facebook’s messaging app an edge over its competitors and at the same time an opportunity of earning extra profits from game companies that want their games to be promoted. What makes this feature more interesting is that users are not required to play simultaneously, instead they can play whenever they want and then compare each other’s high scores.

Instant Games is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and Facebook already rolled out the update in 30 countries including U.S. The game list will pop up whenever a Facebook users taps on the controller icon that can be found right next to the photo icon.

What’s really cool about this feature is that games load in only 1 or 2 two seconds and the user interface is very friendly since all the user has to do is press the controller icon and a list of 17 games will appear. Among those 17 games the user can find classic games such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Galaga, Scrabble and many other classics. Considering that the feature already holds 17 titles, we can expect Facebook to add new games to the list every month.

One of the reasons behind Facebook’s success was the game versatility it offered and since most of their users moved over to mobile devices and couldn’t play all the desktop games, Facebook was expected to bring a new gaming feature to keep mobile users entertained. The next step Facebook has to make is to find a way so that game developers can earn money so they will be motivated to create new games.

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