Facebook Messenger App for Windows Phone Now Syncs Phone Contacts

Facebook created quite a stir when it obliged its mobile users to download the standalone Facebook Messenger app. But it has proved to be quite useful and has quickly become for millions their favorite free messaging app.

Now, Facebook has announced some nice improvements for Windows Phone users, as we know that they usually get left out, since developers focus mostly on iOS and Android platforms.

Facebook’s Messenger app on Windows Phone has been updated with the ability to message people with whom you are not Facebook friends yet. Improvements to make the app faster have been deployed, as well, which is something that many Windows Phone users have been complaining about in the past.

Also, just by tapping on People, Windows Phone users can now sync their phone contacts. You can just enter anyone’s phone number to start texting them from the app. The app also allows users to add colorful drawings and text to photos from your camera roll before you send them.

facebook messenger windows phone

However, it seems that this version has cre ated quite a lot of bugs and glitches for many user. Here are just some complaints that they have left:

“My text boxes aren’t coming in correctly anymore. This app seriously sucks.”

“Useless app…Microsoft will go to hell soon. Great regret for buying window phone…going to switch to iPhone 6….Microsoft and window phone

But there are are many who say that the app now consumes less battery life, so go ahead and follow the link from below to see for yourself if this is true or not.

Source: WP Store

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