FINALLY! Dropbox App for Windows Phone and Windows Tablets in the Works

Dropbox is one of the most known cloud storage providers, with millions of users across the entire world. And while they don’t necessarily have the cheapest services around, they have made a name in the industry with the quality of their products.

However, Windows Phone users have been long forgotten and left aside to grieve in frustration, while other cloud players have offered apps for them. But not anymore, according to a recent blog post coming from Dropbox:

Next year we’ll be extending these features to the web by adding integrations between the Dropbox website and Office Online. We’ll also be releasing a Dropbox app for Windows Phone and Windows tablet users in the coming months.

At the moment, though, we don’t seem to know too many details about its functionality and whether or not it will have features that will be specific to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Most likely, however, the app will perform pretty much in the same way as it does for iOS and Android users.

dropbox windows phone app

What’s interesting is that Dropbox mentions there will be an app for Windows tablets, but as a matter of fact, there is already one in the Windows Store, and it is almost one year since it has been released. So, maybe what Dropbox was trying to say is that there will be a ‘new app’ available that will probably replace the current one.

The absence of the official Dropbox app for Windows Phone users for such a long time perfectly highlights one of the biggest drawbacks and weak points of the ecosystem – it’s being neglected by developers and left out. What most app makers focus on is making apps for iPhone and iPad, since these yield the most, and after that to release them on Android.

Windows Phone is almost always the third in row and sometimes, as in this situation, it doesn’t even get apps. But the mobile ecosystem is slowly growing in adoption, so things will definitely change in future.

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