Battlefield 5 Release Date Set for Sometime in 2016 for PS4/PC/Xbox One, Analyst Firm Believes

Battlefield 4 is one of the most popular first-person shooter video games, which, naturally, has resulted in huge expectations for the upcoming Battlefield 5 sequel. There’s been a lot of talk recently related to its release date, but obviously, nothing is yet official.

However, according to new intel coming from Stern Agee, an analyst firm which offers information on the evolution of the gaming industry, the game is set for a release at a certain point in 2016, and not 2015, as some were expecting.

Of course, this is mere speculation, but the firm says that developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts will be releasing Battlefield 5 to consumers at some point in 2016. This is rather sad news for those of you who already find the current game ‘boring’.

It’s also worth taking into account that neither DICE nor Electronic Arts have talked about Battlefield 5 so far, not even hinting somehow, so we obviously need to take this intel from Stern Agee with a grain of salt. Anyway, here’s why they think 2016 is the most realistic release date:

battlefield 5 release date

The firm gives three reasons for this belief. First, EA may want to avoid franchise fatigue. Battlefield Hardline, the cops and robbers spinoff, is out in March 2015.

Second, EA is apparently feeling very confident about the release of its other shooter, Star Wars Battlefront. A year and a half ago, EA said it was targeting a Summer 2015 release for Battlefront. It is unclear whether or not that is still the timeline, but fans should be happy to hear of EA’s confidence.

Finally, Stern Agee thinks EA simply wants to spend more time developing Battlefield 5. Battlefield 4 was infamously plagued with technical problems.

What about you – when do you think Battlefield 5 will be available for consumers?

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