ARM announces its Cortex A50 series of processors

ARM has recently announced its new Cortex A50 series of processors which includes the Cortex A57 and the Cortex A53 processor cores. Both the processors will have 64-bit architecture unlike the current 32-bit ARM architectures.

ARM says that the Cortex A53 will be the world’s smallest 64-bit processor and the company claims that the new ARM processors will feature immense performance and battery efficiency gains. The A53 core will deliver the same performance as a current superphone but only use a quarter of the power to do so.

With the Cortex A57, ARM says that the user will get thrice the performance to that of the current devices which are using the same amount of power. They have also mentioned that the performance of these new processors will be comparable to that of the current PC ones.

Just like the Cortex A15 both cores can be combined to create the big.LITTLE configuration. This configuration allows the Cortex A53 core to handle most tasks when there isn’t a huge performance requirement and when more power is required the Cortex A57 will kick in and do its job.

Obviously, these are processor architecture designs for cores and companies which include AMD, Broadcom, Calxeda, HiSilicon, Samsung and STMicroelectronics have signed up to make chipsets based on these new designs. Qualcomm and Apple prefer further customization and it is highly unlikely that they will use these exactly as the new design, but instead with some further customization.

ARM has also announced that the Cortex A57 and the Cortex A53 based chips will be available in mass market (or will come to most devices) in the year 2014.


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