Apple iTunes 11 out for Windows and OS X users

Apple has finally released the updated iTunes 11 and it is now available for OS X and Windows users globally.  The update is available on OS X via the Mac App Store and Windows users can download it separately.

Primarily, Apple has completely redesigned the interface for iTunes making it much cleaner than ever before. This new user interface from Apple is being referred to as an edge-to-edge UI. Another new feature with iTunes 11 is expanded view and this allows the user to quickly access all the content of an album.

The Mini-Player has been revamped and it is not only smaller than the former but now also display much more information. It looks much better than its predecessor.

Another key new feature introduced with iTunes 11 is Up Next which enables users to select songs they want to play next and even create a queued list which spans several songs.

The biggest feature introduced with iTunes 11 is its integration with iCloud which the company’s cloud storage service. It allows users to access media stored on iCloud and one can continue songs or TV Shows from right where they left it. This works across all Apple devices.

In addition to all this there is a new logo for the app and the upgrade weighs at 198MB. If you are a Windows user you can download it here.

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