Apple expells manager of Maps team on iOS 6

Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President, Internet Software and Services has expelled Richard Williamson, product manager for iOS 6’s failed Maps.

Richard Williamson managed the team behind Maps as a Senior Director for the iOS platform. Eddy Cue was made responsible for Maps when the management was reconstructed last month.

Apple did not continue with Google as the data resource for its Maps app as it could not reach an agreement for a license of Google’s vector mapping data and turn-by-turn navigation features. Although Google had added these features in its own Android mobile OS, it did not provide the license to Apple for the same which encouraged Apple to build its own back-end data using other resources.

Cue was brought in to solve similar issues in the past as well. He originally was the vice president in charge of iTunes Store and later was asked to manage the MobileMe cloud service which was launched by Apple in 2008. He was then promoted to senior vice president in 2011 by Tim Cook and was in charge of overlooking iCloud (MobileMe replacement) along with the App Store and iTunes. In the management reconstruction last month, Cue was also made responsible for Maps as well as Siri.

Apple seems to be really hurt by it being brought to shame for the Maps app which launched with iOS 6. Let us hope the customers who have invested in their phones get the best value of their devices now.

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