Apple brings refurbished iPhone 4 to India

There is no official announcement from Apple, however factory refurbished Apple iPhone 4 units are now available for purchase in India. Only the 16GB variant is available in the market and it is priced at 22,500 INR. These factory refurbished iPhone 4 units should be confused with second-hand units as these are sent back to the company to fix faulty components and give it a brand new look.

They will also come with a bill and a one-year warranty along with the same support which one would get with a new iPhone 4. Currently, the iPhone 3GS is priced at 19,990 INR making the refurbished iPhone 4 a great option. The new Apple iPhone 4S will be making its way to India on November 25 and the company would discontinue the Apple iPhone 4 16GB and 32GB variant. Instead Apple will launch the iPhone 4 8GB variant, it is not clear as to how long will these refurbished units be available in India.

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