Android Wear Features Easy Payments


Google is trying to make Android Wear powered watches like Samsung’s Gear 2 more appealing towards customers by adding the new tap to pay feature. Android users will no longer have to carry their wallets around because of the new tap to pay feature and if they own an Android powered watch that has a NFC chip, they can just touch on terminals such as Oyster or card readers and money from the users account will automatically transfer.

Tech fans analyzed the v10.0 Google Play services apk code and found different lines of text that indicate the tap to pay feature will be soon added to Android Wear. The text lines included text prompts such as “Try holding your watch to the terminal again” and these text lines prove that all the rumors were true and Samsung Gear 2 and other Android watches will have the tap to pay feature.

This means that the new feature is in the testing phase right now and we can expect Google to launch it during 2017 when Android 2.0 operating system will be officially launched. Google is surely not going to hurry with this feature and make sure that everything works perfect since it involves the users credit card information and money.

On another note, Google is rumored to launch two new smart watches during 2017 and the watches will probably be branded as Pixel devices, since Google is trying to kill of their Nexus brand and the Pixel smartphones are the only ones made completely by them. Because in the past Google used to team up with other giant tech companies that helped them manufacture their Nexus smartphones and tablets. Google will surely add new unique features to the Android Wear 2.0 OS and release it around the same time they will launch their watches.

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