Alcatel Idol 4S comes VR Compatible available on T-Mobile


Alcatel’s Idol 4S was launched earlier this year with an Android OS, but last week T-Mobile showcased the smartphone and it showed that the device has recently received a few upgrades, including a Windows 10 operating system. The hardware updates received by the device include a new Snapdragon 820 processor, 64GB of internal storage memory with a microSD card slot, a 5.5-inch 1080p display and also a rear 21MP camera.

Another feature implemented to Alcatel’s Idol 4S is Windows Hello and Continuum support. Using Continuum the user can connect their device to a mouse, keyboard or even a monitor. The Hello feature is going to permit to the user to unlock the device just by using the fingerprint reader embedded in the rear side of the device improving the security it provides for its owner.

The device is officially launching and customers are surely going to flock over it because the product is VR compatible. This feature hyped up Windows 10 Mobile fans and the reason behind it is that this is going to be the first Microsoft powered smartphone that can simulate VR experiences. At the moment virtual reality games and videos are all the rage, and everybody wants to give this new feature a try. The smartphone is going to come in a bundle with a VR headset that is similar to the one Samsung bundled with their devices, meaning that the VR headset is going to be a low-cost model, but it will do its job.

As of now Microsoft has yet to release any news regarding Windows Holographic support, and all this means that until Microsoft decides to release Holographic support, users are going to have their VR experiences limited to only 3D games and 360 degree pictures and  videos.

The device is going to be available for sale only at T-Mobile US, for the moment. Alcatel’s Idol 4S official release date on the US market is on 10th of November and its going to be available at the price of $469.99 USD.

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