Acer announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update availability

Many Acer device owners are still in doubt about when the latest version of Android will be available for them to make use of on their Acer tablets. Recently Acer did mention that its devices will be receiving an operating system upgrade though no date had been specified; now the firm has finally decided when to roll out the update and for which devices. According to Acers’ statement they have selected three devices which will be receiving the upgrade, namely, the A110, A210 and the A510 from the Iconica Tab series will be the first to taste Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Currently the A210 and A510 Iconica Tabs are available and for them the update will be made available soon in this final quarter of 2012. The Iconica Tab A110 however which is still not available to customers will be loaded with Android 4.1 so that customers receive the device with Jelly Bean installed, therefore an upgrade will not be necessary. For users of the Iconica Tab A700 the update will be available at a more definite date, Acer has stated that by the third week of this October the update will be issued. However there are several reports from users mentioning that the update is available, and has been, for the past week for the Iconica Tab A700. Compared to other manufacturers Acer has been rather punctual and quite speedy in issuing users updates for their devices, so one can be certain that they will receive the update by the prescribed time period if not earlier.

However with this list of devices which will be receiving the upgrade, there is also a mention of Iconica Tabs which will not be as fortunate, and officially, their current version of Android is the one they will have to stick to. The Iconica Tab A500, Iconica Tab A200 and the Iconica Tab A100 are the three other tabs which not get updated to Jelly Bean. Indeed it should also be kept in mind that this is the official manufacturer saying that they will not be issuing the update, however users still have their ways of getting their devices tweaked to accommodate even the latest operating systems. Though this is would be similar to jail breaking a smart phone in that it would void your devices warranty on several grounds and might require more work with the device than you are familiar with. Also it could make vulnerable parts of the device’s components exposed, just as jail break for smart phones does require access to the most secure locations and files on the device for the install to be complete. Even though this does fit users’ device with some interesting abilities it also poses greater risk. There are several security and privacy breaches which are specific to jail broken or otherwise modified devices, and they are worse than regular malware or virus threats as they target those very areas which are not accessible on an otherwise standard device.

If you are tinkering around with your device you may also want to research up on what Jelly Bean will in fact offer and if you really have a need for it. More so Android users are warned yet again about security threats to their devices. Third party apps aren’t always the safest way to go by when looking for new exciting things to add to your device, and Google Play hosts a library worth hundreds of thousands of apps. If you haven’t heard about it from your friends you may want to search for an app that provides a service you need, chances are you will find one, before you consider some other options.

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