64GB OnePlus One to Sell for Rs. 25,000 in India in the Same Online Sales Model

OnePlus has recently announced that it plans to take the Indian market by storm. However, most likely, it won’t put an end to how it currently sells the OnePlus One smartphone – by using a complicated invite system and sporadic pre-order dates.

Now we’re hearing new information about the OnePlus One smartphone launch in India, coming from IndianExpress website. It seems that the 64GB variant of the smartphone will be priced under Rs. 25,000 in India, which is the equivalent of around $400. This is more by just around $50 than the price currently listed on the website – $349.

The 16GB variant of the OnePlus One is priced at $299, whcih is roughly Rs. 18,300. The new JBL E1+ Earphones will also go on sale along with the OnePlus One at a discounted price of $24.99, which is roughly Rs. 1,530. Thus, you save around $15 with this bundled purchase.

The OnePlus One smartphone will be available in India in the same invite-system, which is quite a pity. It seems that it isn’t that easy to establish retail partnerships, let alone with carriers, as it seems there’s a good deal of pressure from other OEMs. And, after all, OnePlus is still a novel player, and despite its growing success, its partners need more proof to be convinced.

oneplus one india

And about the pre-order system – almost everytime OnePlus arrange for one, it is experiencing difficulties especially in the pre-booking process. OnePlus said that it will hold another pre-order event on November 17, at 3pm GMT (8am PST or 11am EST or 8.30pm IST).

But I really wonder how much more will consumers be able to resist to the frustration of not being able to buy one. What they company is doing is either trying to control the current stock or they want to create the illusion of coveting for a hard-reachable product.

The director of OnePlus global operations said that “invites have been immensely helpful for us thus far in our current launch countries” and that it allows to control inventory, scale the team and support services.

The OnePlus One will sell exclusively online for Indian customers, and it will probably be like that for a long time, if we consider that the company yet has to grow into a full-fledged international business.

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