Apple trying to remedy the Apple Maps problem

The main addition to Apple’s latest version of their smart phone operating system was that of its own mapping service. In the past, Apple had been using Google’s mapping service on their handsets to carry out navigation and mapping functions; later decided that it would be a better option to create their app for maps. However, since the launch iPhone 5, being run on iOS 6, the service hasn’t quite worked out as expected. So far the firms CEO, Tim Cook has stated that the company was unable to provide the kind of mapping service which it had in mind, but it is working to find solution to the problem as soon as possible. However, Cook did not mention the amount of effort and time required to make Apple maps fully functional. In fact, Cook took the criticism in a positive manner and said that the more users utilize this service, the more problems can be uprooted and in light of this more changes can be made in order to make the service even better.

More Criticism on its way…

However, it must also be kept in mind that it is not only feedback which is required to fix the problem, the majority of complaints launched by users were regarding incorrect labels and tags on the map. This includes things such as incorrectly labeled points of interest for businesses and a number of inaccuracies on the map. This may be a tiny problem, but when the scale of the map is global, these small problems are multiplied in to what becomes millions of tiny errors. It will need a large number of fresh and more accurate data sources in order to get the right information on the map. Not only this but there is also a demand for people who are located in various demographics and can assist Apple in making changes to the map.

Building up Efforts

According to professionals from other mapping firm there are other ways that Apple can take assistance from its users, for instance one easy approach is to consider searches conducted by users. If for some reason a search is not successful, it will not be successful for a number of people searching for the same thing. This unsuccessful search can be identified as a problem or inaccuracy and deal with it. This could include things such as an address which is not properly found or a simple network flaw.

Also simply by having users use the service, Apple can get leads on what to fix, as soon as someone opens up the mapping service their location on the map becomes visible and is something that Apple can trace. By knowing where the mapping service is used most, Apple can target these areas and attempt to fix problems here first. Once the GPS trace is made and the location of these users is known, the portion of the map specific to this area can be looked at more closely and problems can be ironed out, such as incorrect labels. Though, this will not do much when attempting to retag incorrect points of interest.

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