Redesigned Opera Mini Browser now Available for Android Users in Beta

Opera Mini is one of my favorite mobile browser, mainly thanks to its data compression technology. Opera has seen good reception so far, as its browser for mobile device is especially popular among Asian users.

Now, the company has released a beta version of a redesigned Opera Mini browser on Google Play. Everybody can download it as long as you have Android 2.3 running on your smartphone or tablet.

The new Opera Mini is said to be a more lightweight browser and it represents the next step forward. The app is still in beta so that they could get feedback from users on what needs to be further improved.

opera mini android update

However, the beta version of Opera Mini for Android uses the same data compression technology as the current version. One of the new features that it brings is the ability to use private tabs in the browser. To do so, you have to long tap on the plus icon in the interface to open a new private tab.

The refreshed user interface version of Opera Mini makes it seem more modern as elements appear to be flatter all over. Black gradients have been replaced with matte white, resembling the full-sized version of Opera. The home page now includes advertising, which might piss of some.

This version is yet in beta, so glitches and bugs are to be expected. As a matter of fact, some have already complained about bugs related to rendering as well as fonts not displaying correctly. What do you think of this version so far?

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