Facebook Losing its Sparkle? Tumblr is Now The Fastest Growing Social Media Site

Facebook is the world’s biggest social network, but it seems that it has reached its saturation point. According to some fresh data from GlobalWebIndex, Tumblr is now the fastest growing social networking as its active user base in the last six months grew by 120%, while Facebook’s grew by only 2%.

Sure, there’s no point in putting head to head Facebook and Tumblr’s numbers, since we know who the obvious winner will be. But what’s interesting is that people are more especially interested in the blogging platform. So it seems that we’re seeing a change in the online social behavior.

tumblr fastest growing social media

The microblogging and multimedia sharing platform has seen its active user numbers increase by 120% over the past six months, which is impressive indeed. According to the report, Pinterest is also booming, as it has witnessed 55% more members and a 111% rise in active user numbers over the same period. Jason Mander, the head of trends and author of the report, said the following:

Facebook has some major challenges to face. Firstly, people are growing tired of it, with 50% of members in the UK and US saying that they’re using it less frequently than they used to (rising to 64% among teens).

The same report also says that Facebook Messenger is the second-fastest-growing social app, ahead of Instagram in third, Line in fourth and Pinterest in fifth place. The fastest-growing app is Snapchat, which has seen a 56% hike in user growth. Just like Tumblr, Snapchat’s growth seems to be fueled by teenagers.

The report also mentions that “multi-networking” is picking up, as consumers don’t leave one social platform for another, but they rather choose to have multiple accounts and stay active on all of them.

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