Sony finally launches the PlayStation 4 in US

Finally, the very first next-generation gaming console has arrived in the market. Sony has launched the PlayStation 4 in the US and the company claims that it has achieved a record number of pre-orders. The Xbox One is expected to launch towards the end of this month.

The PlayStation 4 from Sony is a huge improvement over its previous generation console and they have further made it a lot easier for developers to make games for this platform. Sony has also introduced a new controller for the console which seems like a huge improvement over the new one.

The interface of the PlayStation 3 was quite featureless when compared with the Xbox 360 and Sony has completely revamped it to offer a much easier and efficient user interface for the console.

Unlike the Xbox One, Sony has announced that the PlayStation 4 is simply for gaming. Now, Sony has a seven-day head start over its competitors launch, it costs $100 less and has some decent games to start with.

The Sony PlayStation 4 can now be purchased in the US for $399 (Rs. 25,000 approximately) and very soon we can expect a bunch of reviews and performance information for the console.

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