128 GB Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Model Almost Out of Stock at Amazon.com

Microsoft wants its Surface Pro 3 product to be the ultimate hybrid product, a mix between laptop and tablet that will help consumers especially with their productivity. That’s why the company has recently discontinued the Surface Pro 2, so that it could make sure customers are getting only the latest and greatest.

And it seems that this year is the first time when Microsoft has finally made some money with its Surface line of products. However, the Surface Pro 3 is still quite expensive, but this is not stopping consumers from buying it.

If you will check out the official Amazon page for buying the Surface Pro 3, especially the 128 GB Intel Core i5 model, you’ll see that currently there are just 2 units left in stock.

The list price for this version was at $999, but on Amazon.com it has been recently discounted by a minor $25. I’m not sure whether this has been the reason why consumers bought this version the most, since it’s not that such a big discount.

surface pro 3 out of stock

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 512 GB, Intel Core i7 version seems to be the second most desired model, as there are just 5 units left in stock at the moment. This is the most expensive version with a list price of $1,949.00. But it too has been discounted by around $39.

The entry-level 64 GB, Intel Core i3 and the 256 GB, Intel Core i5 and i7 versions display just the – ‘in stock’ message, which means there’s plenty of them for consumers.

While Amazon.com’s listing doesn’t necessarily speak for the behavior of all consumers, it’s a good indicator of which Surface Pro 3 models have been enjoying the biggest success so far. Let’s hope that as we approach Black Friday and the highly lucrative holiday season, Microsoft will be teasing its products with some bigger discounts.

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