ZOTAC launches GTX 650 Ti and GTX 650 Ti AMP! along with new mini PCs

One of the leading manufacturers of GPUs – ZOTAC has officially unveiled its GeForce GTX Ti as well as the GeForce GTX Ti AMP edition graphic cards in the Indian market. Along with this the company has also introduced its line-up of mini PCs, including the world’s smallest mini PC which is compatible with various operating systems.

First, talking about the graphics cards these are packed with the latest gaming technology from NVIDIA. These come with NVIDIA surround which enables triple-display gaming capability and NVENC encoding instructions which helps boost the video processing tasks. Further the GPUs are equipped with 384 processor cores, a 128-bit memory interface and custom dual-cooling from ZOTAC.

The standard edition has an engine clock set at 1,058MHz, the memory clock is set at 5,000MHz and comes with either 1GB or 2GB of GDDR5 memory. On the other hand the engine clock on the AMP! Edition is at 1,189MHz along with a memory clock of 5,600MHZ and it comes with 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

In addition to the graphic cards the company also announced its mini PCs line-up in India these include four of its already existing mini PCs which can be easily connected to displays and TVs. Users can run their desired operating system on these devices and they are Windows 8 ready.

Christoffer Suess, Senior Marketing Manager, EMEAI, Zotac International, said, “We have always pushed ourselves and produced products that are high in quality and experience without pinching the customer pockets. While smart televisions are looking at taking the consumers to the next level of television experiences although at significantly higher cost, the ZBOX gives consumers a more cost effective and flexible but yet more efficient option.”

We are not yet updated with the pricing on these devices, but once available we will update the post with details on the pricing for the GPUs as well as the new mini PCs line-up.

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