This is How a Self-Driving Car Sees the World

Technology is evolving so much that it’s basically changing the world right beneath our eyes. The best example of this are self-driving cars. Tesla is the company that pioneered this new technology and its quickly taking over the world. While not everyone might have the opportunity to ride around in a self-driving car, we can be sure that these automobiles will be more accessible in the near future.

Trusting Self-Driving Cars

The only problem that the general public has with self-driving cars is that they don’t really trust them. Although, who can blame them? Driving is not child’s play, and everyone takes it serious since they can crash and harm themselves. Therefore, people are not that keen on trusting a machine with their safety.

Trust Exercise

Considering how many people are not sure how they feel about self-driving cars, the two companies known as Moove Lab and Meso Digital Interiors have decided to shed some light on how these cars work in order to make it clearer for people that they will not be put in harm’s away.

What Does a Self-Driving Car See?

The aforementioned companies created a special vehicle that resembles a lying-down box cart that’s equipped with the same components that Tesla and other auto manufacturers use on their self-driving cars. The human pilot will wear an Oculus Rift headset which will display all the data the automobile’s sensors manage to gather.

This way, the driver will get to see exactly how self-driving cars gather information and how they use it in their favor. Moreover, this is a unique chance for humans to experience what robots feel like when they are moving.

The folks behind this important self-driving car project have stated that everything started with this question: “how do self-driving cars see the world?”. This question kept bugging their minds until they decided to create this unique experience.

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