Sprint will support MeeGo OS devices

At Sprint’s Developer Conference which took place this Wednesday, the guys mentioned that their future devices will include MeeGo OS platform powered devices. Sprint said that it would help speed the development of services and applications for many devices which will also include in-vehicle systems.

When the guys were talking about MeeGo the main focus was on its open source nature. We already know that Nokia would be the manufacturer announcing MeeGo OS powered devices. MeeGo has the ability to run on ARM based chips while it can also run smoothly on Intel’s Atom based processor, Intel being Nokia’s partner in this mobile OS.

Sprint’s entry in the MeeGo scenario is expected to speed up the shipment of MeeGo powered devices including tablets and smartphones which will use Sprint’s 3G and 4G networks. What is interesting here is that Nokia has not yet official mentioned any updates about MeeGo powered tablets but we surely know that the company will be shipping its first MeeGo powered phones in 2011, and more updates on the devices will be available by the end of this year.


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