Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone 5

The Titans of the smartphone market are now both fighting against each other. What happens when Gods fight against each other? The answer usually results in devastation struck on the world but with these giants it’s totally different as they compete to rule each other down they come up with innovations that shake the general consumers mind frame and makes him gape at the amazing miracles provided by technology.

The recent launch of iPhone 5 has achieved mixed reviews. Some are impressed by the new phone being avid Apple lovers but some consider it to be missing Steve Jobs innovative mindset. Samsung Galaxy S3 launched this year attained great reviews from all the market worldwide but in this war which scores higher?


Apple iPhone 5 could be considered as a technological beauty due to its class and aluminum body but apart from this the smartphone scores on being the thinnest iPhone as yet. The back cover of the phone is divided into three columns and looks intricate when held. The iPhone 5 weighs at a light 112g which is much lighter than the previous 4S version.

Samsung’s S3 on the other hand is a different story. The smartphone is available in three colors and is quite curvier than the iPhone. The smartphone is longer, wider and also fatter and weighs around 133g which is heavier than the iPhone 5 but the difference isn’t really felt.


Apple has finally gotten the cue about bigger screens and iPhone 5 holds that. The Retina display is the same as the 4S but the resolution has now gone to 1136×640. The Samsung S3 on the other hand has an amazing screen that’s 4.8 inch HD as super AMOLED. This provides the Samsung S3 user with a wide viewing angle and also provides aid against any scratches on the screen.


The camera in the Apple iPhone 5 is the same as that in 4S; 8 megapixel but with the addition of a dynamic low light mode that benefits night-time snapping. Apart from that the front camera now provides a video of 720p so users can now have better FaceTime chats. The Samsung S3’s camera is also 8 megapixels but has much better resolution. The camera also takes continuous shots in the burst made and also has smile detection, blink detection, contrast and blurring choices and chooses pictures that are best in all these given categories.


When it comes to power the new iPhone 5 has shifted for the A5 processor to the new A6 chip that is expected to deliver faster and better graphics. The Galaxy S3 has its own quad-core 1.4GHz Exynos processor and also a 1GB RAM. Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 are nearly on the same rank but the A6 chip is only rumored to be this amazing, we still need to use it to make sure the claims are correct.


IPhone 5 has the new OS developed by Apple, the OS 6. It gives the App Store a new look and also has more iCloud support and a better smarter Siri. The Galaxy S3 on the other hand works on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung provides the S Voice in competition to Siri but it still needs to develop as the S Voice isn’t even near Siri when it comes to automatic commands.


The battery of the iPhone 5 is rumored to be around 8 hours of talk time and 10 hours of Wi-Fi whereas the S3’s bigger battery provides double the iPhone’s time.


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18 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone 5”

  1. both are good, but iphone 5 screen is better than s3 by miles. Whoever does colour calibration at samsung (phones & tvs) has been staring at the sun too long, iphone has better build quality, but ios has fallen a little behind in terms of customisation. hopefully they’ll keep pushing each other to innovate.

  2. Hahaha.. You guys are kidding me. The camera of the iPhone 5 is way ahead of the S3. Want proof ? Go research it on Google. Every test has shown that the iPhone’s camera is ahead. Now, its funny seeing fandroids comparing stupid features against the iPhone. Do we use those features in our day-to-day lives ? No.
    Chris – All the points you mentioned are limited to a few devices only. I’ve owned an S3 and boy, does it have problems. The only difference is the media tends to blow up small problems because its Apple. Please, i suggest you guys take some time out to review these phones.

  3. This guys obviously a droid guy. The camera isn’t better on the s3 n my iPhone 5 gets literally 3x battery life of any s3 I know

  4. the iphone 5 looks pretty but the ios is boring. samsung s3 looks alright and the os is awesome. i own the s3 and love it

    1. The only thing I ever see any unbiased comparison give to the iPhone 5 is the build quality compared to the plastic of the S3. Otherwise S3 is dominant in every way. If you want to talk about the iPhone 5 lets talk about the TON of problems with the bad mapping program, the easily scratched aluminum body, the purple haze showing up on pictures and videos, the green glow when waking up from sleep, the bubbles forming on the touchscreen, the virtual keyboard showing a flickering line, and even just a day or two ago a NEW problem with people complaining about it keeping the wrong date and time. Yeah the iPhone 5 is so great what a joke.

      1. Is that why it sold a freaking 5 MILLION in the first three days?? SO many people can’t be stupid. There must be something good in the phone. But even then, I believe that S3 has won the battle this time.

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