Rovio teases Angry Birds Star Wars coming to Android, iOS, Mac and PC on November 8

Yet another new version of the famous bird slinging game is soon about to hit your devices. Rovio has revealed an image and a teaser video and the good news is that the next Angry Birds game will come in collaboration with Star Wars. This upcoming game will be called Angry Birds Star Wars and the game will be available for Android, iOS, Mac and PC (no Windows Phone) starting November 8, 2012.

The teaser shows a bird in Jedi robes and it powered up a blue lightsaber, which then magically transforms into a slingshot. It is highly likely that different birds will represent different characters from the Star Wars universe, however what new additions have been made to the game is still a mystery. On the other hand the teaser image suggests that the role of Darth Vader will be played by a certain Bad Pig which leads me to imagine that all the little bad pigs will be the minions of the Sith Empire.

Rovio seems to be doing fairly well as the company also recently released Bad Piggies where you play as the villainous pigs from the Angry Birds franchise. Earlier this year the company also release a brand new game called Amazing Alex which was also well received by the masses.