Project CARS 2 vs Forza 7: Graphics and Career Mode Comparison

Project Cars 2 and Forza Motorsport 7 are two of the most popular car racing themed game franchise in the world. At their core, these two games are quite similar since they both enable players to get behind the steering wheel and compete in amazing, exciting and fun races against other players or AI. However, there are a few important things which separate these games.

Both have recently been made available for purchase and race fans never know which one to pick. With that being said, today we are going to take a look at some of the key features that these games offer and get an idea of which one offers the most immersive experience.

Video Graphics

Right from the start we need to mention that both games look extraordinarily in terms of graphics. Although, Forza 7 has the upper hand in the graphics department since it offers a more realistic, vibrant and colorful experience. The problem with Project Car 2’s graphics is that they are quite disappointing in low light conditions.

Career Mode

Even though both games can be played online against real life players, these games are also equipped with a career mode which gives players an opportunity to live their dream of becoming a race car driver. This mode is also great for people who do not benefit from a stable internet connection and prefer to race against AI instead of actual players.

Nonetheless, Forza 7 uses the same old boring race to win money career theme that’s been used in almost every racing game. We’re not saying that it is not fun, just that maybe it has become a bit boring. On the other hand, Project Cars 2’s career mode is so much more immersive since it offers a real-life racing career. This means that Project Cars 2’s career mode features qualifying seasons and contracts which give races a purpose.

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