Nexus 7 (2013) Will Not Run Videos Anymore – How to Fix this Bug

Nexus 7 is one of the most prolific Android devices ever made. Google and Asus teamed up back in 2013 and created this high-end tablet together. Therefore, Asus is the one responsible for Nexus 7’s premium specs while Google is the one in charge of software updates. Sadly, as time passed on, Google started forgetting about Nexus 7 and its other Nexus-branded devices.

Although, this was to be expected since this tablet is nearly four years old and Google’s policy states that the Android parent will stop from rolling out anymore updates to devices that are more than two years old. However, this doesn’t mean that Nexus 7 owners are just going to give up their tablet and there are still thousands of people who still use Nexus 7 as their main source of entertainment.

Nexus 7 Stops Running Video Files

Since Google stopped rolling out updates to Nexus 7, the device has its fair share of bugs. Numerous reports are showing that for some unknown reason, the tablet won’t play video files anymore. In fact, a Nexus 7 owner clearly said in a forum post that he was using MX Player and USB Media Explorer on .avi, mkv, mp4 and many other file formats without any problems.

However, the tablet has bugged out and it stopped playing any video files. When Nexus 7 owners try to use MX Player their (OTG connected) Flash drive doesn’t appear anymore while the USB Media Player isn’t able to find video files.

Reinstalling the Operating System

Unfortunately, the only way that Nexus 7 owners can get rid of this issue is by wiping and then reinstalling their operating system. In addition, this means that Nexus 7 owners are going to lose all their data in the process. Reinstalling the operating system can be simply done by formatting the smartphone or through custom ROMs.

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  1. Still a daily driver for me…custom roms have always worked best for me. Running Android 7.1.2 using PureNexus (version 7.1.2-20170613-Unofficial). My tablet is as fast as the more expensive units – and better than ever with this rom. The battery is showing it’s age (lasts about a day or two depending on use – currently at 95% after 66 hours on standby). I would purchase this unit today over any other similar tablet.

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