Microsoft’s Upcoming Update will Revolutionize VR Headsets

Like it or not, virtual reality devices are taking over the tech industry. Numerous VR headsets made by the likes of Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung and Lenovo are almost ready to be launched. The sole purpose of these devices is to provide customers with an easy-to-use VR experience on the PC for a lower price than what Oculus Rift, Sony and HTC are charging.

Windows 10 Virtual Reality Update

The reason we are saying that companies such as Dell, HP and Acer are nearly ready to launch their new VR headsets is because Microsoft is scheduled to roll out a major Windows 10 update on October 24th which is surprisingly, focused on virtual reality. This upcoming update will power VR headsets through a new program that’s called “Windows Mixed Reality”.

Windows Mixed Reality

This program has been specially developed to help Windows 10 powered devices run VR content. Considering how many companies launch their products with Windows 10 pre-installed on them, we think it’s safe to say that the VR ecosystem is expanding.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Initially, VR technology was believed to be something of the future. However, companies such as Oculus Rift have revolutionized the industry and made VR headsets available for everyone. The catch is that Oculus Rift headsets don’t come cheap and they cost somewhere around $399. This price is actually significantly cheaper than the $599 that Oculus Rift originally charged for its headset.

The Only Problem with VR Headsets

While some might argue that the biggest issue regarding VR headsets is the fact that they require powerful PCs in order to run, we would like to disagree. The only real problem with VR headsets is that they are quite expensive. Fortunately, Microsoft’s upcoming update is going to encourage more companies to develop their own devices which will create a tougher competition thus lowering their prices.

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