Microsoft details Skype for Windows 8

Microsoft has now announced that the company will be releasing a new Skype app for both Windows 8 as well as Windows RT. Microsoft has also mentioned that the app will come pre-installed with the top twelve Windows 8 OEM made machines, however it will not come installed with the Windows RT based surface tablet and users will have to download it via the Windows Store.

Most importantly, the new Skype app will no longer be using the peer-to-peer infrastructure but instead it will utilize a much hybrid model using the Windows Messenger Infrastructure. Also, Microsoft has revealed that for storing pictures and videos the app will use the Windows Azure backend. As it is made for Windows 8 and Windows RT the app has its entire design based on the Metro user interface, which also is the new face of Windows. While Facebook integration will exist with the new Skype it won’t be very Facebook-centric as it has been since its integration.

Microsoft has also announce that later this fall, Skype for Windows 8 will have a new video messaging feature which will allow users to send short video messages to their Skype friends. There is no doubt that Microsoft is highly focused on introducing this huge change throughout their vast products.

The company will reveal more details on the same on its October 26 event for Windows 8 and we can expect to see much more of Skype on their October 29 event for Windows Phone 8.

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