Microsoft officially launches its Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has officially launched the Windows Phone 8 and an event in San Francisco. The company had already announced this new update to their smartphone operating system back in June and yesterday the company demoed several of the new features which are introduced in this new update.

The key features on Windows Phone 8 include Lens in Camera, Kid’s Corner, Rooms in People’s Hub and seamless integration with Skype and SkyDrive. The Kid’s Corner allows the kids to use their parent s’ smartphone, where the parent has full control over what should be accessible to the kid. Rooms is a feature which lets you create groups and share notes, calendars, SmartGlass, photos, messages, etc.

It has automatic photo uploads which uploads your camera images to you SkyDrive account. Of course this needs internet connectivity on your device and you can also choose not to automatically upload the images.

At the moment the Widows phone 8 based devices that have been unveiled include the Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820, HTC 8X, HTX 8S and also the Samsung ATIV S. There are now specific launch dates or pricing announced for these devices.

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