LG Builds the World’s Narrowest Smartphone Bezel at Just 0.7mm

With every new year, OEMs try to come up with innovative ideas for the smartphone production. While most seem to focus on improving the performance of their devices and deploying unique features, such as fingerprint readers or rotating cameras, LG thinks you’ll be interested in almost non-existent bezels.

LG has unveiled a 5.3-inch, 1080p LCD display with 0.7mm bezels, which is incredibly thin; as a comparison, it’s less than the width of a credit card. Just have a look at the images from below and I’m sure that you’ll say – wow!

LG Display says they’re the world’s narrowest, and it really looks like it’s true. The company is making use of the “Neo Edge” module processing and “advanced in-cell touch” technology that has allowed to build such incredibly thin bezels. This means that the panel’s circuit board and backlight are glued together instead of taped with the touch panel being embedded into the LCD module.

lg narrow bezels

Byeong-koo Kim, Vice President and Head of IT/Mobile Development Group at LG Display, added the following:

“With the growing trend for large screen smartphones, customer demand for displays with a narrow bezel is increasing, because it enables users to enjoy the maximum use of screen area without compromising excellent grip and design.

With this innovative product having many advantages, ranging from its narrow 0.7mm bezel and high resolution picture quality to its slim design and touch-embedded solutions, LG Display will continue to lead the growing market for large screen smartphones, meeting the expectations of customers and users by enhancing the quality of devices”


The company also says that the dust and waterproof display is more durable, as well. However, for now LG’s new screen will initially be built for Chinese smartphones, but most likely will expand to international markets, as well. The company will start mass production of the product in November.

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