iOS 11.1 Contains a New Set of Emojis

Emojis are great tools that give people the freedom to express themselves through texts. Therefore, it’s pretty clear why every Apple fan is enthusiastic about the upcoming iOS 11.1 update. The Cupertino based tech giant recently revealed the fact that its next iOS update will include 30 new emojis.

The fact that Apple’s upcoming software update will include 30 more emojis is quite surprising when considering that the previous Unicode 10 already added 56 new emojis. Also, worth mentioning is that the reason why Apple probably felt the need to unveil these new 30 emojis is because Google’s own Android 8.0 Oreo operating system contains an equal number of emojis as well.

iOS 11.1

What we know for sure is that these new emojis are going to be included in Apple’s upcoming iOS 11.1 However, we don’t know if macOS and watchOS fans will receive the same treatment. Nonetheless, Apple’s new set of emojis will include a giraffe, hedgehog and a zebra among other animals.

Moreover, it seems like Apple wants people to have season adequate emojis since some of the new pictures will be a trench coat, gloves and a scarf. Things get even better since Apple fans will also receive the long awaited Chinese takeout box alongside a broccoli and Apple pie. Another cool set of emojis that will be included in iOS 11.1 are based off the characters from the highly popular Dungeon and Dragons role playing game.

Beta Users

Luckily for eager iOS fans, they can receive access to these new emojis ahead of everyone by enrolling in Apple’s beta program. Not only will they receive these emojis ahead of time, but they will also get to send some feedback to Apple and let the company know of what other emojis they would like to get in the future.

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