Huawei Nexus 6P Will Keep Surviving for the Years to Come

Smartphones have evolved so much over the course of time that they are considered as being essential items to our everyday lives. Nexus 6P is a great example of that. The smartphone was released back in September of 2015 and Nexus 6P owners are still having a difficult time letting it go. The reason behind Nexus 6P’s success is the fact that it is equipped with high-end specs from Huawei and that it has a direct line to Google’s operating system updates.

Nexus 6P Lifecycle

Sadly, every smartphone has an expiration date and Nexus 6P is getting close to reaching it. The smartphone is quite famous in the Android community for surviving despite the odds. What we’re saying by this is that Google made it clear that it doesn’t want anything to do with Nexus 6P anymore but this isn’t affecting the device’s lifecycle at all.

Nexus Community Outrage

Google caused a little bit of controversy when it announced that it wants to leave Nexus 6P behind and move on to its newer Pixel smartphones. The Nexus community was outraged by this which caused Google to extend the update lifecycle of Nexus 6P. However, Nexus 6P will official stop receiving anymore updates starting October.

Custom ROMs

Even though October is here and Google has officially departured from the Nexus brand, Nexus 6P is certainly going to keep receiving software updates. The catch is that they will come as a courtesy of custom ROM developers.

There are many teams of developers who create operating systems which are based on Google’s latest updates and the best thing about them is that they run on older smartphones. With that being said, we can be sure that Nexus 6P will keep on surviving for the years to come. The only real worry that Nexus 6P owners have is the dreaded bootloop mode.

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