Google Earth App for Android Smartphones, Tablets Receives Refreshed Look, Download Now

Google Earth is a really cool tool to use if you want to explore the world around us. By using the dedicated Android app, you can do so from the comfort of your Android smartphone or tablet.

Recently, the app has seen a significant update that’s worth taking into account. The official Google Earth app for Android has been updated with what seems to be the biggest visual revamp in quite a while.

The latest 8.0.0 version brings an enhanced user interface, menu changes and simplified layers panel with new Photos layer. The new visual design is much more pleasant and seems to look better especially on Android tablets.

Google has also improved the styling for roads and labels, and smoother transitions have been deployed, as well. I for one have always been pissed about slow transition, so this is a much welcome update, indeed.

gogle earth android app update download

Also, the app has been updated with fupport for Google Drive, allowing users to view KML/KMZ files. However, there are many users who are frustrated with certain issues. One of them is Gretchen Hanna who says the following:

“Hate you guys forever. Why is it that every time there’s an update you screw things up. Nothing is clear when I zoom in, can’t read signs, addresses. I need to do this for my job. Makes me wonder how the hell we ever got to the moon. My cat could do a better job than a bunch of clowns. I do have the latest android so I know it’s not me. And why don’t I have the option to uninstall updates?”

What about you – how’s the latest version of Google Earth treating you so far? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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