The Essential Phone is Now Available at a $200 Discount

This year has been an amazing one for smartphones fans. The range of devices people can choose from is wider than ever with high-end devices such as iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8, OnePlus 5 and many others. However, this year also marks the release of the first Essential smartphone.

Essential is a premium Android smartphone that’s been developed by Andy Rubin. In case you didn’t know, Andy Rubin is one of the co-creators of Android and this means that Essential will always receive all of Google’s latest operating system updates.

Essential Price Cut by $200

Moreover, Essential is packed with amazing hardware specs which make it a top competitor against the likes of iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8. However, there’s one big downside to Essential, it’s quite expensive being priced $699.

Fortunately, Andy Rubin and the folks at Essential paid attention to the feedback they were receiving and decided to cut down the smartphone’s price by $200. This is a substantial discount it brings the smartphone’s price tag down to $499.

Smart Marketing Campaign

The reason why Essential’s price was cut is because this is a new company and customers are more inclined to purchase devices from the likes of Apple and Samsung. Essential didn’t have any other option than to offer a huge discount in order to grab customers attention.

Also, worth mentioning is that Essential made sure to offer a $200 Essential Store “friends and family code” for people who already bought the smartphone at its original price. This code can be used to purchase modules for Essential or another smartphone.

Although, the only Essential module that’s available right now is the 360 camera. The company will add more phone modules during the upcoming future but until then, Essential fans can save their code for a later use.

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