Donald Trump Risks Potential Nuclear Crisis by Reinforcing Iran Deal

There are many things that President Donald Trump does which can be considered as controversial, but his current focus on changing the Iran nuclear deal is causing some issues. Donald Trump has expressed his goal of “decertifying” the nuclear deal in order to establish a more wide-ranging restriction on Tehran.

Potential Nuclear Crisis

The controversial part about Donald Trump and his wish to change the Iran nuclear deal is that it might be followed by serious consequences. Many congressmen are arguing that the backlash of this new deal might be what starts a new nuclear crisis.

New Aggressive Government Strategy

CNN was informed by two senior US officials that even though Iran is fulfilling its obligations that are mentioned in the current “2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” nuclear plan, Donald Trump still wants to lay out a more aggressive government strategy.

The reasoning behind Donald Trump’s wishes to alter the nuclear plan is because he wants the US to work together with the allies to counter Iranian behavior. Moreover, Donald Trump has made it clear that there are many flaws in the current Iran nuclear plan and that he wants to get rid of them.

This new legislation which reimposes sanctions on Iran has only 60 days to be voted in Congress. As previously mentioned, congressmen are afraid of reinforcing another deal with Iran. No one wants Iran to start developing a nuclear weapon because this will give the start to a middle eastern race of acquiring nuclear weapons.

CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen decided to shed some light on this issue by stating the following: “The nuclear deal wasn’t meant to fix Iran’s regional meddling, irritating as that may be. Its goal, rather, was to ensure that Iran doesn’t acquire nuclear weapons, which would then set off a regional nuclear arms race in the Middle East where Saudi Arabia would quickly follow.”

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