Democrats Who Supported Ajit Pai Against Net Neutrality are Shamed with Huge Billboards

Last week, Ajit Pai was re-confirmed a for a new five-year term as the FCC boss. This shocked everybody since Ajit Pai is known for his anti-competitive and anti-consumer policies. What’s even more interesting is that Ajit Pai’s new five-year term as the FCC chief is being praised by the lobbyists for all the big ISP names. Seeing this, people were outraged and confronted Mike Powell who lied to their face by arguing that Ajit Pai’s policies are focused towards protecting consumers.

Billboard Mocking

If there’s one thing we know about the internet that is that it’s not forgiving. This was highlighted once again when a group known as Fight For the Future started creating billboards which publicly mock the Democrats who voted for Ajit Pai. The first billboard has already been put up and it shows the entire world how Joe Manchin went against his order in exchange for telecom cash.

The billboard which mocks Joe Manchin contains the following message: “He took $199,925 from telecoms, then voted for the FCC chairman planning to kill net neutrality and let Comcast charge you more money for slower internet.” As we all can clearly see in the featured image, the group also made public the Democrat’s phone number and told people to give him a call.

Fight For the Future

The public activist group known as Fight For the Future is not shying away from showing their political views. The group made it known to the entire world that there are many politicians who vote according to what companies such as AT&T, Charter, Verizon and Comcast want.

Moreover, the group stated the following regarding their campaign goal: “Every member of Congress needs to understand that you can’t vote against the free and open internet and get away with it. Let this be a lesson to any lawmaker considering going against the interests of their constituents to support legislation or FCC action that undermines existing net neutrality rules”.

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