Check Out WhatsApp’s New Redesigned Emojis

The thing that makes WhatsApp the most popular instant messaging app in the world is the fact that it receives a constant stream of updates which enhance it every month. A while ago, WhatsApp was rumored to work on a bunch of new emojis and a “Delete for all” feature. Sadly, the “Delete for all” feature has yet to arrive but at least we received the new emojis.

Emoji Makeover

Emojis are great since they give people a new way of expressing themselves and the ability to add a little spice to their texts. However, the reason why WhatsApp felt the need to roll out a new set of emojis even though the “Delete for all” feature wasn’t ready is because Apple already personalized its emojis. iOS 11 brought a bunch of cool emojis such as the ones who make use of Apple’s face scanning technology. Therefore, WhatsApp needed to step up if it wanted iOS fans to not lose interest.

Beta Version

We need to mention that WhatsApp’s new emojis are available only to Beta users. However, they will certainly arrive to the public version as well during the upcoming weeks. In addition, these new emojis are quite similar to what Apple is offering and some people are actually accusing WhatsApp of copying. These new emojis are inspired by Apple but they are not copied in any way.

Interested readers who want to receive access to WhatsApp’s new emojis can go ahead and enlist in the Beta program because that’s the only place where they are, at least right now. Moreover, the beta version that contains these emojis is the 2.17.364 build number. Nonetheless, it’s great seeing that WhatsApp never stops from updating the messaging platform and that it keeps on adding new features such as this.

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